Idaho Light


Idaho Light

The light plays in radiant glory on the hills of Idaho,
Arising in effervescent multivalent polychrome,
Off the Danskins, off Bennett; off Teapot and House.

Did they see it as they walked the Trail?
Those desperate land seekers,
Those restless, latter day Children of Israel,
Wandering through the desert,
Stolidly stomping their way to a sodden Oregon?

Did they see the light frolic in ten thousand
Facets of copper and rose, mauve and carnelian,
Ocher and chartreuse and chrome and dun?

Did they see the glory of God playing on those dusty heights?

The light plays in radiant glory on the hills of Idaho.
The Trinities deck themselves out in gaudy bridal array;
The Owyhees blaze in brilliant blood gold splendor.

Do we see it?
We desperate thrill seekers,
We restless, latter day Hebrews, wondering our wilderness,
Stolidly stomping our way to an electronic Nirvana?
Do we see the light dancing to the music of the spheres,
Giving God glory, still, from those high dusty heights?

The light shines in our darkness,
And our darkness can never overcome it.

~ Truman Parker

© 1997 Truman Parker, all rights reserved. Published here with permission.

Wind Words – Spirit Writing from the Central Pacific Conference is a new periodic offering of inspired writings by authors from around the CPC. This Wind Words comes from the Rev. Truman Parker, pastor of First Congregational UCC, Mountain Home.

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