Let Our Mourning


Let Our Mourning

Let our mourning be universal.
For the nine murdered in a Charleston church
our sorrow and compassion for their lives and families
not diminished but expanded as we mourn also
those killed by cluster bombs, IEDs,
and our own drone strikes;
the drowned refugees fleeing
poverty and war in Africa;
those dead by accident and poison on
shipbreaking beaches in Bangladesh,
on cacao plantations of Ivory Coast.
In the projects and barrios of our cities,
mourn the slow deaths by
poverty and failed health care
here at home and around the world.
Let our mourning be universal.

Let our mourning be universal.
Sorrow too for all on death row,
weep for boys in gangs,
for meth-heads aging and dying young.
Mourn racists and bigots of all stripes.
Mourn even the politicians
who hardly live, chasing re-election.
Sorrow at the hardness and resignation in us all.
Let our mourning be universal.

Let our mourning be universal.
Let nine more deaths each strike our hearts.
Nine and nine times ninety-nine times
let our hearts be broken open;
let justice’ demands unsettle our guts.
Let the power behind all good, all love
transform our lives, light us as beacons.
Let our mourning change who we are.
Let our mourning be universal.

David Zaworski
20 June 2015

© 2015 David Zaworski, all rights reserved. Published here with permission.

Wind Words – Spirit Writing from the Central Pacific Conference is a new periodic offering of inspired writings by authors from around the CPC. This Wind Words comes from the Rev. David Zaworski, pastor of Waverly Heights United Church of Christ in Portland OR. Written as response to the tragic, senseless shootings at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston in June 2015. Thank you, David.

To submit prose or poetry for Wind Words, email to windwords@cpcucc.org.

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