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The State of the Conference is Good!

I paid attention when Cameron (Trimble) was speaking, because I found many touch points, many points of affirmation for the kind of ministry I have striven to share with you during the time I have been together with you. I have images that I have offered to you that have

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Life Sparks through the Stubble

The Rev. Anne Bartlett, retired Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Ashland, will be interim-interim (!) pastor of the Congregational Church until the appointment of a settled pastor in January, 2016. Rev. Bartlett served Trinity as Rector from 2000 to 2010. In retirement, she has served as consultant for congregations in

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Let Our Mourning

Let Our Mourning Let our mourning be universal. For the nine murdered in a Charleston church our sorrow and compassion for their lives and families not diminished but expanded as we mourn also those killed by cluster bombs, IEDs, and our own drone strikes; the drowned refugees fleeing poverty and

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