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 To the Well, To the Edge – 2017 CPC Annual Meeting



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Similar to last year, much of our upcoming Annual Meeting, Sept. 22-24, will involve intentional small group conversation. Last year, I was aware that for each stirring, refreshingly honest, hope-filled conversation I had, I knew that dozens more were happening just like it. There were a number of a-ha moments, perspectives, and stories I did not hear.

To bring these into the wider group, we have a practice of “harvesting” — collecting the questions and insights that arise into a sort of visual story of our time together.

This year, in addition to this sort of visual harvest, I want to encourage us to each be listening to harvest and share (as sacred confidence allows) important moments from your group on Twitter or Facebook using #cpcuccmeets.

I look forward to learning from the combined wisdom of our conference in Pendleton this year!

Christ’s Peace,
Kelly Ryan
Chair, CPC Annual Meeting 2017



rev-molly-carlson-photoThe CPC Board is pleased to announce our new Designated Term Conference Minister, Rev. Molly Carlson. Molly brings great energy and passion to her ministerial work. We are excited about her vision to build connections across the conference and to help us discern how to be conference together in these next few years.

Molly brings over 15 years of ministerial experience including leading two new church starts, pastoring in both interim and settled settings, and work at the regional and national level of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) supporting new emerging congregations and congregations discerning the end of their ministry. Molly is ordained in the Disciples and has full ministerial partnership standing in the UCC. Her most recent leadership is as senior minister of United Church of Christ (Congregational) in Yankton, SD.

Molly is married to Rev. Michael Carlson, a minister and musician. They have two sons, Simon (16) and Adam (13). Molly is an avid knitter and enjoys camping with her family, spending time at the beach, and reading good books.

Molly will begin her Designated Term in mid-August but she will be able to go to Synod on our behalf and lead our delegates, as well as meet with the council of conference ministers.

Rev. Hollis Bredeweg will continue to serve as Consulting Conference Minister until Molly arrives.

The Board thanks our search committee (Jean Avison, Corliss Marsh, Chi Morgan, and Sara Rosenau) for their hard work and discernment.

Welcome Rev. Carlson!!

UCC General Synod, June 30 – July 4, Baltimore MD


Every two years, General Synod brings together thousands of faithful members of the United Church of Christ for formal church witness, inspirational worship, and fellowship with friends (new and old). In June 2017, thousands from across the country (and abroad) will gather for General Synod 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland. Together, we will discern resolutions of witness, church structure, and function. We will stand up for issues that demand a faithful witness. And we will join together in worship each day to lift up the Stillspeaking God. At General Synod 2017, we will “Make Glad!” as we celebrate, debate, worship and witness.

Delegates from around the CPC are sent to represent our conference at each General Synod. To learn more about this year’s General Synod, click HERE or on the image above.

Purpose, Mission & Vision of the United Church of Christ



The Central Pacific Conference is  the community of United Church of Christ congregations in Oregon, southern Idaho and southern Washington. We are multiracial and multicultural, open and affirming, and accessible to all.

In this family of 45 congregations our shared commitment is to ministry and mission. The CPC provides spiritual and material resources and encouragement to all our nearly 7,600 members. We put purposes and programs into action by drawing on the experience and talents of all the conference’s members, both lay people and clergy.

The CPC assists and encourages local congregations and their members in working together to explore, communicate, support and pursue the ministry and mission of the church, and provides a channel for effective relationships with the UCC and with other faith communities.

The Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ is one of 39 regional conferences in the 1.5 million member United Church of Christ, a “united and uniting” Protestant denomination in the United States of America.

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