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Give an Alternative Christmas Gift This Year

What gift will you give this year?

African-woman-tending-cropsAlternative Christmas at United Church of Christ Global Ministries is an invitation for all to celebrate and to share globally the best gifts we have received, and the ones we cherish in a special way during the Christmas season. These are the gifts of Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace.  Giving an Alternative Christmas Gift is a meaningful way to honor your loved ones while making a difference in the lives of individuals around the world living in difficult circumstances.

To participate in this sharing of God’s abundant life you can give online or by sending a check along with the information form to:

Global Ministries
Office of Resource Development
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1986

Please indicate the name and address of your honoree(s) and the designation you have chosen. We can either send you a special Global Ministries Christmas card for each person that you give an alternative gift to, or we can send the Christmas card directly to the person(s) with a photo. If you give your gift online, you also have the option of sending an e-card to your honoree(s). You will receive a receipt for your gift along with a letter of appreciation for your support.

life-changing-gifts-catalog-imageGlobal Ministries is happy to introduce the Alternative Giving Catalog! The Alternative Giving Catalog contains stories and images of mission, as well as Alternative Gift ideas that support the life giving ministries of global partners. Click here to request your copy today!

Alternative Christmas Special Giving Options

Thanks to the generous support of Our Church’s Wider Mission and Disciples Mission Fund, 100 percent of your gift will go towards the stated cause without administrative fees.

Each of your Alternative Christmas gifts can be designated for any of the following themes, or to any other Special Projects on the Global Ministries website, listed under each Mission Area.

Click HERE to view all the Alternative Christmas giving options from a gift to YWCA Palestine, Peace with Justice, People in Mission, Water, Health, Education, Microcredit, Child Sponsorship, a gift of general support and more!


Post Election – November 9, 2016

What Do We Do Now? Love God. Love Neighbor. Love Self.

flour-sack-quilt-multicolorDear Ones,

It was a long night. The campaign rhetoric of Mr. Trump repudiated all that we cherish in the United Church of Christ. I watched in disbelief as the numbers were posted, and it became clear that he would be our next president. I read your responses on Facebook, pain and fear and… hope! Thank you for your vulnerability, your passion, and your commitment to love.

God is not partisan – not a Republican or a Democrat. But the images and optimism of the Democratic Convention resonated with me. It is “body of Christ” stuff – honoring and celebrating diversity, all part of the whole, challenging injustice, and working together for the common good. This is the theology that motivates me. I know you walk this path with me, the Way of Jesus. This is the faith that will carry us forward.

In the Central Pacific Conference, we will continue to work for racial justice. We will continue to stand with our LGBTQ siblings in faith. We will continue to celebrate the gifts and ministry of women. We will continue to work for immigrant and indigenous rights. We will continue to honor and work with our interfaith partners. We will continue to protect our natural environment. We will continue to work for peace and justice around the world. This is who we are.

I was surprised by the election results, but so were most of the pundits. There is clearly a fear and anxiety in our country we haven’t fully acknowledged. Addressing this fear is part of our call. So, what do we do now?

The UCC ‘s newly articulated purpose statement comes from the Gospel of Matthew: To love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves. To address the anxiety that holds all of us hostage in these times, I believe we need to tweak the commandments – not the greatest “two” but the greatest “three.” I call it The Trinity of Jesus. Love the sacred whole we call God. Love others – all others. Love ourselves. I’m convinced that our personal anxiety is today’s greatest challenge. Our inability to make peace with our human frailty and finiteness and our drive for security and perfection makes it difficult to love others. If you don’t love all of the three – God, Neighbor, Self – you can’t really love any of the three.

So, take care of yourself. Breathe deeply. We have work to do.

Yours in Love, walter john



Rev. Dr. Walter John Boris
Conference Minister * Central Pacific Conference
United Church of Christ



 The UCC’s newly articulated Purpose, Mission & Vision





Institution or Movement?

What do our Ministry Teams do?

What is all this “Network” talk?

The early Christians, the followers of Jesus, referred to themselves as “People of the Way.” Not church, but movement. A movement is community seeking truth and a righteous path. A movement is the fastest way to respond to injustice. Individuals, with a deep longing and passion, come together to change the world.  A movement is diverse, messy, and powerful!

The time comes when all movements recognize the need for logistics. Who’s bringing the food? Who’s going to speak at the press conference? What focused message is going to drive our cause forward? Institution starts to take shape. And so movement becomes church, an institution to carry forward the message. But the focus of institution is stability. The focus of movement is truth and passion.

Continue reading this defining article by Conference Minister, the Rev. Dr. Walter John Boris, about how the Central Pacific Conference is a vibrant mix of Institution (our governing structure) and Movement (our passion-driven Ministry Networks). We are a leader-full covenant community!



The Central Pacific Conference is  the community of United Church of Christ congregations in Oregon, southern Idaho and southern Washington. We are multiracial and multicultural, open and affirming, and accessible to all.

In this family of 45 congregations our shared commitment is to ministry and mission. The CPC provides spiritual and material resources and encouragement to all our nearly 7,600 members. We put purposes and programs into action by drawing on the experience and talents of all the conference’s members, both lay people and clergy.

The CPC assists and encourages local congregations and their members in working together to explore, communicate, support and pursue the ministry and mission of the church, and provides a channel for effective relationships with the UCC and with other faith communities.

The Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ is one of 39 regional conferences in the 1.5 million member United Church of Christ, a “united and uniting” Protestant denomination in the United States of America.

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