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REGISTER NOW for CPC Boundary Awareness Training

Saturday, November 12 at 6 locations around the CPC

Click HERE to Register

Ministers with active standing in the Central Pacific Conference needing new or renewed Boundary Awareness Training are strongly urged to take advantage of our new on-line regionalized boundary/ethics workshops, Saturday, November 12, 2016!

When: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Saturday, November 12, 2016

Portland Interchurch Center
Wright Congregational UCC, Boise
Eugene First Congregational UCC
Beaverton Bethel Congregational UCC
Ashland UCC
Riverside UCC, Hood River

Trainer: Margaret Marcuson

Support Team: Walter John Boris, Frank Baldwin, Sally Godard and Liz Oettinger

Cost: $20 for catered lunch and materials

Online Registration: Click Here

Registration Questions: Debbie Jacober, 503-228-3178 or centralpacific@cpcucc.org
Workshop Questions: Frank Baldwin, 925-788-6535 or frankwbaldwin@gmail.com

As you may know, participation in an ongoing program of boundary/ethics awareness training is required of authorized United Church of Christ ministers. In the Central Pacific Conference, all ministers holding active standing are expected to take part in a boundary/ethics awareness workshop once every four years. are currently as many as 55 CPC clergy who are due or overdue for boundary awareness training. Register on-line or by phone today! Members-in-Discernment and ministers who may not yet be due for boundary awareness training are welcome to participate in this event. Retired CPC ministers who are not actively engaged in ministry now have their own specialized boundary/ethics program, and are not required to take the regular training so long as they remain retired.

The next Boundary/Ethics Awareness Event for clergy with active standing will be held from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Saturday, November 12, at the five regional settings listed above. Our leader will again be Margaret J. Marcuson, who facilitated an especially well received CPC boundary awareness workshop at Pendleton in 2015 (“Best boundary training ever!”). The upcoming event under Margaret’s leadership will be broadcast via Zoom from Portland to the satellite settings in Boise, Eugene, and Beaverton. Each regional setting will have its own local facilitator and group activities, as well as on-line interaction with the Portland hub.

Margaret says about this workshop:

Managing boundaries in ministry is an ongoing challenge for clergy. This fully-interactive program will look at the many places where boundary issues can arise: time, money, sex, and relationships with members and colleagues (including predecessors/successors). Using a family systems perspective, we will talk about how to address these challenges in ways that can be life-giving for clergy and for their congregations. The program will include ways to develop a healthy self (one who has an appropriate sense of where I end and someone else begins) and will look at the many ways to be healthier and more joyful in ministry.

Margaret Marcuson is a Portland-based American Baptist pastor and graduate of the Pacific School of Religion who works nationally as a consultant, speaker, trainer and leadership developer for clergy and congregations. Margaret’s experience embraces a wide range of denominational and interfaith settings in Oregon and elsewhere, and we are very pleased to have her involved again in our ongoing boundary/ethics training program and in this exciting first-ever on-line event.

The UCC’s newly articulated Purpose, Mission & Vision!

The new United Church of Christ PURPOSE statement comes from the Gospel of Matthew:
To love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength and our neighbor as ourselves.

MISSION statement:
United in Spirit and inspired by God’s grace, we welcome all, love all, and seek justice for all.

And the VISION:
United in Christ’s love, a just world for all.


“We all bear responsibility for living out our shared mission. We will not achieve our full potential — nor maintain our full capacity for health, vitality, and relevance — without a clear sense of missional purpose and calling. This effort to identify that was a critical step in the direction of our future health and vitality — but it will only matter if we can all find common cause in this and commit fully, with passion, and without reserve to its undertaking.”

— Rev. John Dorhauer, UCC general minister and president

Read the full article on the UCC website.

Northwest Regional Women’s Retreat XI


Let Your Spirit Bloom

November 4 – 6, 2016

Kah-Nee-Ta Resort

Warm Springs, Oregon

It hardly seems possible that nearly three years have passed since we last gathered at Kah-Nee-Ta to celebrate women’s journeys along their spiritual paths. Women from Central Pacific Conference and Pacific Northwest Conference extend an invitation to all women to “Let Your Spirit Bloom.”  This November retreat will be a chance for women to find inspiration, relaxation, fellowship, education, stimulation, and yes, good fun!  Our keynote speaker is Jean Kirkpatrick. There is indeed something for everyone.

Please share this news with your congregation. TO REGISTER, download the registration form or go to the retreat website (www.nrwr.us) where registration forms can be downloaded and more information is available.

If you or members of your congregation have any questions about the retreat, please don’t hesitate to call me (503-631-3063) or email us at bderkacht71@gmail.comWe hope to see you at Kah-Nee-Ta in November!



Institution or Movement?

What do our Ministry Teams do?

What is all this “Network” talk?

The early Christians, the followers of Jesus, referred to themselves as “People of the Way.” Not church, but movement. A movement is community seeking truth and a righteous path. A movement is the fastest way to respond to injustice. Individuals, with a deep longing and passion, come together to change the world.  A movement is diverse, messy, and powerful!

The time comes when all movements recognize the need for logistics. Who’s bringing the food? Who’s going to speak at the press conference? What focused message is going to drive our cause forward? Institution starts to take shape. And so movement becomes church, an institution to carry forward the message. But the focus of institution is stability. The focus of movement is truth and passion.

Continue reading this defining article by Conference Minister, the Rev. Dr. Walter John Boris, about how the Central Pacific Conference is a vibrant mix of Institution (our governing structure) and Movement (our passion-driven Ministry Networks). We are a leader-full covenant community!

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The Central Pacific Conference is  the community of United Church of Christ congregations in Oregon, southern Idaho and southern Washington. We are multiracial and multicultural, open and affirming, and accessible to all.

In this family of 45 congregations our shared commitment is to ministry and mission. The CPC provides spiritual and material resources and encouragement to all our nearly 7,600 members. We put purposes and programs into action by drawing on the experience and talents of all the conference’s members, both lay people and clergy.

The CPC assists and encourages local congregations and their members in working together to explore, communicate, support and pursue the ministry and mission of the church, and provides a channel for effective relationships with the UCC and with other faith communities.

The Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ is one of 39 regional conferences in the 1.5 million member United Church of Christ, a “united and uniting” Protestant denomination in the United States of America.

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