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The State of the Conference is Good!


From Conference Minister Walter John Boris

My vision for the Central Pacific Conference is that our clergy and our churches come alive. My vision for the Central Pacific Conference is that all of us get better at learning how to love that mysterious experience we call God. Get better at listening to and loving others. Get better at accepting ourselves and living out the gifts we have to share. My vision for the Central Pacific Conference is that each of you, all of us, find our voice. This is a communal vision. This is not a dictator, not a Conference Minister standing up and saying “This is what we have to do, and you all follow.” I’ve spent my time here with you saying, “The ministry of the Central Pacific Conference is not my ministry. It is our ministry.” It is the ministry we share together. And when we face the problems of the world, which are many, we figure out together what we can do to live with those problems, to make the world a better place.

Read full text of the 2015 State of the Conference on the CPC Blog… 

Five New Initiatives for the National Setting of the UCC


Laying the foundation to build a church culture of risk-taking, innovation and ingenuity

Click HERE or on the image above to view the video presentation by John Dorhauer, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ, on his five new initiatives for the national setting of the UCC in 2016.

The five initiatives are:

  1. Launch Stillspeaking 2.0
  2. Year-Long Media Campaign
  3. Deepen the dialogue and partnerships with local churches
  4. Dialogue on White Privilege
  5. Strategic Planning Initiative

Read the article on ucc.org outlining the 5 initiatives in detail.

Welcome! God is Still Speaking in the CPC

God is still speaking, comma logo

The Central Pacific Conference is  the community of United Church of Christ congregations in Oregon, southern Idaho and southern Washington. We are multiracial and multicultural, open and affirming, and accessible to all.

In this family of 47 congregations our shared commitment is to ministry and mission. The CPC provides spiritual and material resources and encouragement to all our nearly 7,600 members. We put purposes and programs into action by drawing on the experience and talents of all the conference’s members, both lay people and clergy.

The CPC assists and encourages local congregations and their members in working together to explore, communicate, support and pursue the ministry and mission of the church, and provides a channel for effective relationships with the UCC and with other faith communities.

The Central Pacific Conference of the United Church of Christ is one of 39 regional conferences in the 1.5 million member United Church of Christ, a “united and uniting” Protestant denomination in the United States of America.




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