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United Church of Christ National Office

United Church of Christ
700 Prospect Ave. E, Cleveland OH 44115-1100
Phone: 216-736-2100, Fax: 216-736-2103

UCC Online Videos

UCC Office of General Ministries

The Office of General Ministries is one of four Covenanted Ministries in the United Church of Christ. Its mission is to care for the spiritual life, unity, and well-being of the church, to nurture our covenant life and its ecumenical and interfaith relationships, to provide regular processes which focus on theological reflection throughout the church; and to assist in the total mission of the UCC.

UCC Justice and Witness Ministries

Justice and Witness Ministries, one of four Covenanted Ministries in the United Church of Christ, helps local congregations and all settings of the church respond to God’s commandments to do justice, seek peace and effect change for a better world. The work of Justice and Witness Ministries is guided by the pronouncements and resolutions approved by the United Church of Christ General Synod.

National Office
700 Prospect Ave. E, Cleveland OH 44115-1100
Phone: 216-736-3700, Fax: 216-736-3703

Washington D.C. Office
100 Maryland Ave NE, Suite 330, Washington DC 20002
Phone: 202-543-1517, Fax: 202-543-5994

Franklinton Center at Bricks
PO Box 220, Whitakers NC 27891
Phone: 252-437-1723, Fax: 252-437-1278

Justice and Peace Action Network (JPANet)

The UCC Justice and Peace Action Network (JPANet) is our denomination’s grassroots advocacy network composed of individual members and local UCC congregations across the country. Join the network and receive weekly action alerts by email.

UCC Against Torture

Torture is the worst agony that one human being can inflict on another. Whether physical or psychological, torture is destructive of the human spirit for both the tortured person and the torturer. As people of faith, we believe that each human being is made in the image and likeness of God. When someone tortures another child of God, they torture Christ.

UCC Local Church Ministries

Local Church Ministries is one of four Covenanted Ministries in the United Church of Christ. Local Church Ministries works to encourage and support the church’s congregations in the fulfillment of God’s mission.

700 Prospect Ave. E, Cleveland OH 44115-1100
Phone: 216-736-3800, Fax: 216-736-3803

The Stillspeaking Initiative – God is Still Speaking

The Stillspeaking Initiative is designed to speak to the alienated and those seeking a spiritual home, let the world know that there is a church unlike any they may have known, invite people to come… and let them know that “No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.”

Phone: 216-736-2212, Fax: 216-736-2103

Ready, Set, Grow – Congregational Vitality

A UCC resource site for vital ministries and church growth.

Feed Your Spirit (i.UCC)

A Christian (internet community) project of the Congregational Vitality Initiative, Local Church Ministries, United Church of Christ.

United Church Press

United Church Press is one of the publishing imprints of UCC Local Church Ministries. It publishes curriculum and approximately ten books per year. It also features resources from Northstone Publications, The Pilgrim Press, SPCK, and Wood Lake Books. These materials are focused primarily for clergy and laypersons in the United Church of Christ and the wider ecumenical community.

Phone: 800-537-3394 (Orders), Fax: 216-736-2207

UCC Wider Church Ministries (WCM)

Wider Church Ministries is one of four Covenanted Ministries in the United Church of Christ. WCM supports congregations and the other settings of the church in developing relationships with a wider church that is global, multiracial and multicultural, open and affirming, and accessible to all.

700 Prospect Ave. E, Cleveland OH 44115-1100
Phone: 216-736-3200, Fax: 216-736-3203

Common Global Ministries

Common Global Ministries is the worldwide mission program partnership of both the United Church of Christ Wider Church Ministries and the Division of Overseas Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

United Church of Christ Disabilities Ministries

This site is designed and maintained by the UCC Disabilities Ministries web team to help members and friends of the UCC explore what it means for our churches (and our hearts) to be “accessible to all.”

Affiliated Ministries of the UCC

The Pension Boards – United Church of Christ

The Pension Boards administers comprehensive employee benefits programs for the United Church of Christ, providing the highest standards of service, access and options to active and retired UCC clergy and lay employees.

475 Riverside Dr., Room 1020, New York NY 10115
Phone: 800-642-6543 (toll free), Fax: 212-729-2701
Email: info @

United Church Foundation

The United Church Foundation, Inc. (“Foundation”) is a Connecticut non-profit corporation affiliated with and identified through its common religious faith with the United Church of Christ (“UCC”). The Foundation was originally organized to administer the Pilgrim Memorial Fund for the benefit of The Annuity Fund – United Church of Christ. Only a UCC Entity is eligible to participate in one of the Foundation’s Funds. A UCC Entity is any tax exempt congregation, association, conference, instrumentality or other institution affiliated with the United Church of Christ

475 Riverside Dr., Room 1020, New York NY 10115
Phone: 877-806-4989 (toll free), Fax: 212-729-2600
Email: info @

Cornerstone Fund

The Cornerstone Fund works to strengthen local churches in the United Church of Christ by offering real estate-secured loans that help churches repair, renovate and expand their facilities, improve accessibility, refinance real estate debt, and more. Funding loans with investments from churches, organizations and individuals throughout the denomination, the Cornerstone Fund enables its clients to expand their stewardship by helping to energize established local churches across the country. For more than a decade, individuals and churches across the United States and Puerto Rico have found Cornerstone Fund investments an ideal way to fulfill their financial goals while supporting the mission of the wider church.

700 Prospect Ave., Cleveland OH 44115
Phone: 888-822-3863 (toll free), 216-736-3829, Fax: 216-736-3823
Email: cornerstonefund @

United Church of Christ Insurance Board

The UCC Insurance Board (IB) is a nonprofit corporation owned by the participating Conferences of the United Church of Christ. The IB administers a property and liability insurance program serving three denominations: United Church of Christ, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) churches, Presbyterian (USA) churches and related entities.

Local Agent Info
Amy Waltz, CIC CRM
PO Box 128  Forest Grove, OR  97116
Phone: 800-357-3134 (toll free), 503-357-3154

IB Contact Info
704 Quince Orchard Rd., Suite 300, Gaithersburg MD 20878
Phone: 800-437-8830 (toll free), 301-990-3500, Fax: 301-990-3515

Comprehensive risk management resources are available at

Other Ministries Related to the UCC

The Council for Health and Human Service Ministries (CHHSM)

CHHSM is comprised of 80 corporate members, all affiliated with the United Church of Christ, that operate 357 facilities and programs providing health care, services to children, services to people with disabilities, and services to the aging.

700 Prospect Ave. E, Cleveland OH 44115-1100
Phone: 216-736-2250, Fax: 216-736-2251

Council for Racial and Ethnic Ministries (COREM)

COREM was created to advocate for racial and ethnic concerns within the UCC. It is composed of representatives from the following groups:

The Council for American Indian Ministry (CAIM)

CAIM is an integral part of the life of the United Church of Christ. CAIM maintains Indian traditions by employing Native values and cultures to witness in Indian communities through authentic and post-colonial Indian expressions of the Christian faith. CAIM is a gathering “place” for all UCC Indian people who seek such a place.

1515 E 23rd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Telephone: 612-721-4393

The Council for Hispanic Ministries

Council for Hispanic Ministries (CHM) is an autonomous body working cooperatively with Council Regions and Associations, Conferences, and Ministries of the UCC to promote its work among Hispanics/Latinos/Latinas in the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other nations of the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Pacific Islanders and Asian American Ministries (PAAM)

PAAM is comprised of 231 multi-ethnic churches across 6 regions of the United States. These regions include Hawaii, Northern California, Southern California, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and East. PAAM was organized in 1974 to unite and move forward at the national, regional and local levels as Pacific Islanders and Asian Americans in the United Church of Christ, sharing our unique gifts with one another.

United Black Christians

UBC represents lay and clergy persons who faithfully minister in more than 278 predominately African American congregations of the United Church of Christ and those African American members in congregations that are not predominately African American.

Ministers for Racial, Social and Economic Justice (MRSEJ)

MRSEJ are an association of Christian ministers that actively pursues political resolution of Racial, Social and Economic Justice issues.

UCC Coalition for Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Concerns

The Coalition provides support and sanctuary to all our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender sisters and brothers, their families and friends; advocates for their full inclusion in church and society; and brings Christ’s affirming message of love and justice for all people.

2592 W. 14th St., Cleveland OH 44113
Phone: 800-653-0799 (toll free), 216-861-0779, Fax: 216-861-0782

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