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What Information is Collected by this Site?

The Central Pacific Conference United Church of Christ website is not set up to track, collect or distribute personal information that is not entered voluntarily by visitors through a web page form. Our website hosting service provider’s server logs do generate site usage data, such as the number of page hits and site visits. This information is used internally for site maintenance and statistical purposes. These statistics contain no personal information and cannot be used to gather such information.

This website only collects personally identifying information volunteered by the site visitor by entering such information through web page forms for event registrations, visitor surveys and/or subscriptions to email communications, including but not limited to a visitor’s name, email address, street/mailing address, and phone number. We may retain such personally identifying information indefinitely.

We do not share or sell any information voluntarily submitted by visitors to our website with outside parties, except as necessary to facilitate processing of event registrations. We consider all such information to be confidential and we will only use it for direct communications with you, to process event registrations with third-party organizers, to comply with the law, to comply with legal process, or to operate our systems properly.

IP Addresses

An IP (internet protocol) address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you’re connected to the Internet. Web servers — the computers that “serve” up web pages — automatically identify your computer by its IP address. The website hosting service provider’s web server computers collect IP addresses for the purposes of system administration. When visitors request pages from, these server computers log the visitor’s IP addresses. This is beyond our control; however, IP addresses are not generally linked to any personally identifiable information, which means that a visitor’s session will be logged, but the visitor remains anonymous to us.


A cookie is a piece of text that a web server can store on a visitor’s hard disk. Cookies allow a website to store information on a visitor’s computer (such as an ID code, visitor preferences, or site logon information) and later retrieve it. The website does not use cookies.

Email Communications

We do not condone or support SPAM (unsolicited e-mail). SPAM wastes everyone’s time and resources. As the practice of SPAMING grows, the value of email as a communications tool diminishes. We do not send e-mail to people who have not requested it or with whom we do not already have an existing relationship. By submitting your email address to us through our web page forms or by direct email message, you agree to receive email communications from us. You have the right to remove yourself from our mailing lists at any time by direct email, reply email or by following instructions for doing so included in email communications we send to you. Or you may request removal from any email list by postal mail sent to:

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